How do I sign-up?

  • Sign-ups are announced at school and in the church bulletin. You can always contact the commissioner for a given sport for more information. Check the AA Board Member Listing for a list of commissioners.

Where can I get the Sign-up Form?

  • Follow this link (PDF format)to download a copy of the Diocesan Consent Form. Make sure it is submitted before the sign-up deadline for your sport!

What is the schedule for the sports?

  • We don’t post the specific schedules for every team. Check the schedules page to see the information for when each sport starts and ends.

What are the fees to play?

  • The fees vary by sport and cover the cost of league, officials, equipment, and facilities rental. Fees are listed on the schedules page. Contact the commissioner for a given sport to find out more.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Students at St Brigid School or children in families registered in the parish are eligible to participate.