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Q: My child does NOT attend the St. Brigid school, can they play on one of the Boys Baseball or Girls softball teams?
children of registered parishioners, St. Brigid school students, and St. Brigid Religious Education students are eligible to play on the St. Brigid baseball & softball teams.  Many of our current teams have SEVERAL players that attend other local schools, but whose parents are registered St. Brigid parishioners.  In the 2016 season, approximately 20% of our players did not attend school at St. Brigid.

Q: When will practices start, and what days of the week will they be?
Per the Columbus DRA (Diocesan Recreation Association), the authorized practice start date for the upcoming 2015 season will be around March 1, 2016.  The number of practices and days of the week will typically be dictated by the head coach, with input from the team parents.  Typically, there will be a couple of practices per week in the month of March and the first part of April leading up to the first game.  In inclement weather, practices will be indoor (at the St. Brigid Gymnasium or other contract facilities, including Field Sports and Manninos).  Most teams try to practice outside at the very earliest opportunities!!! Practices are usually rare once the regular season begins.

Q: Where are practices at?
In inclement weather, practices will be indoor (at the St. Brigid Gymnasium or other contract facilities, including Field Sports and Manninos).  Most teams try to practice outside at the very earliest opportunities, at the baseball complex at Brigid’s Green!!!

Q: When does the regular season begin and how long is the season?
The 2017 diocesan boys baseball and girls softball regular season will begin the week of April 11.  The regular season consists of 10 regular season games, spread out over a 5 week period.  The last regular season game for the 2016 season will be on or before May 13.  The Diocesan Recreation Association is responsible for the regular season game schedule, for all teams.  The DRA decides who plays who, where they play, and on what day/time.  St. Brigid does NOT control the dates, times, and locations of regular season games.  The regular season game schedule is usually released by the DRA approximately 1 week before the season begins.  There is also a “single elimination” baseball and softball tournament after the regular season (there is NO tournament for 4th grade teams) which will be held around the weekend of May 19.

Q: Can my child play St. Brigid baseball/softball AND on a summer league team?
Many, if not most, of St. Brigid boys baseball and girls softball players (and quite a few of our coaches!!!) are also members of various summer league programs, from municipal recreational leagues to the highest levels of competitive travel programs, and everything in between.  The St. Brigid regular season usually ends before many of these leagues begin their regular season games.  Game overlaps, if they exist at all, are usually very minimal and manageable.  Many parents have experienced the beneficial timing of the diocesan game season (mid-April to mid-May) leading in to their summer league program (most summer league programs do not start their games until mid to late May).  St. Brigid welcomes you to the program, regardless of your summer team plans!!!  Most of our coaches are also involved in summer teams and are willing to work with you on scheduling conflicts that might arise.

Q: What does St. Brigid provide for my player?
We provide game jerseys, game socks, game hats, catcher’s gear, batting helmets, and team bats. Many players choose to have their own personal bats, catcher’s gear, and helmets, which is fine. The kids can keep their team hats and socks, all else is returned.

Q: Where are the games played?
Home games are played at the beautiful Brigid’s Green athletic complex across the street from the St. Brigid Church.  Away games are played at the opposing school’s home field.  Most of the teams average about half of their games played at home, and the other half away.

Q: I want to volunteer my time to the program, what can I do?
There are three main volunteer areas in the baseball and softball program, they are coaching, team coordinator, and home game concessions.  There is space in the sign-up sheets to volunteer.  All St. Brigid volunteers need to go thru “PGC” training (“Protecting God’s Children”) and have been fingerprinted and cleared by the St. Brigid Safe Environment Coordinator.

Q: What happens if I sign my son / daughter up and there is not enough players for that grade and team?
St. Brigid makes every effort to insure, to the best of our abilities, that each class has a dedicated team (or, in some cases, two dedicated teams!).  However, there are instances where the number of players signed up for a given grade can not support a dedicated team.  When that situation occurs, St. Brigid will look for opportunities to ‘combine grades’ within the St. Brigid program and/or combine rosters with other diocesan school (s).  When this situaion occurs, parental input is sought and factored in to the solution.  We strive to do what is best for the student / athletes that are involved when this situation occurs.  Of course, parents are also offered a 100% refund if the solution that is chosen does not suit their particular child, no questions asked!!

Q: I have other questions or want to talk to somebody further about the program, who do I contact?
That’s easy, just e-mail Boys Baseball and Girls Softball Commissioner Mike Matthews at Baseball & Softball Commissioner !!!