Girls’ Tennis

girls tennis

The Wolfhounds’ Girls Tennis is a club sport open to girls in 6, 7, and 8th grades who are either enrolled at St. Brigid School or are St. Brigid Parish members and attend public schools.  In the past we have accepted girls from other nearby parishes like St. Michaels and St. Mary’s who do not have tennis teams.   The club program is a great chance for players to compete in competitive matches with other schools.

The team is open to experienced players, along with those who are new to the game.  The girls’ season begins in late August and runs through early October.  Other club teams that we currently play include:  St. Paul School, The Columbus School for Girls, Village Academy, Wellington, Worthington Christian, and public schools like Bexley, Big Walnut, Granville, and Dublin Grizzell.  The majority of the matches are local, with the farthest “travel” match being to Granville.  Parent transportation is required, there are no buses, but carpools are possible.

Recruitment will occur in the month of May.  Girls are encouraged to walk on with some prior knowledge of some basics like serves, groundstrokes, and volleying skills.  We are happy to help new players and parents locate local tennis programs to help build on those skills prior to the season.  Prior to the season starting in late August, there will be practices held during the summer, with the more crucial practices occurring in late July and early August to prepare for the start of the season.  Once the season starts, the matches will occur after school, with two to three matches per week.  It is a very quick season, but a lot of fun too.  Please feel free to contact Mimi Geswein, the 2015 girl’s tennis coach, with any questions.

This is a great opportunity for girl’s to learn more about the great sport of tennis, which will provide the skills they can take with them later in life, as tennis is played by so many people far past the school years.  We hope to help your girls develop their passion for the sport.

Mimi Geswein, 2015 Girl’s Tennis Coach,