New Sports?

The Columbus Catholic Diocese and Saint Brigid are in the process of evaluating the interest level in additional sports. Suggestions have included:

  • Wrestling
    The Diocese is just beginning initial research into this program, which would be for boys (only) from 4th-8th grade during the winter. Boys would have to decide between basketball and wrestling; cannot do both.
  • Lacrosse
    It’s highly doubtful that this will become a Diocese sport, and the Saints have served our kids’ needs very well. However, we would like to get a better idea of the possible number of participants.

We need your feedback! Simply fill out the form below so we know what sort of interest there is. Please note that this is informational ONLY, and we have no way of predicting if these sports will actually be implemented.

There is also an option to let us know of other sports you might be interested in; simple click “other” within the sports listing and you’ll be able to write in your answer.

Thank you for taking the time to participate!

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